Second Landscape
stage design for Skånes Dansteater, Malmö, Sweden. Choreography by Marina Mascarell. Premiere on March 21st, 2020. Tour April 23-26, Mercat De Les Flors, Barcelona, Spain; and May 3, Helsingborgs Stadsteater, Sweden.

Häxan – Performance with Mariska de Groot at No Patent Pending x Rewire Festival | Saturday April 2nd 2020 at Theater aan het Spui, Den Haag

Past projects:

Co-curation for HUBS Immersive Festival 2019. Under the moniker ‘The Body of the Audience’, Ludmila Rodrigues participated as partner, bringing ArtScience fellows Bjarte Wildeman and Lauren Jetty Howells-Green to present works during the immersive experience at DNR Theater.

Set and costumes for Anushthan, a decolonizing performance-ritual by Fazle Shairmahomed and Farah Rahman. Performed by Fazle Shairmahomed, Devika Chotoe and ‘..Formerly known as..’ a.k.a. An3. Premiered on October 6th, 2019 at Theater De Vaillant, The Hague. Also presented at Korzo Theater, The Hague on Feb 16th, 2020. With thanks to Fonds voor Podiumkunsten.

Stage design with choreographer Marina Mascarell, and light design by Mike Rijnierse. Work in progress for GöteborgsOperan Dance Company, Sweden. Premiere on March 15th, 2019.

Polytope – immersive installation at FILE, São Paulo, Brazil 2018: soundscape and sensors by Rob Bothof

Häxan, performance for Mariska de Groot/iii, at Sounds of Silence Festival III, Theater De Nieuwe Regentes, The Hague – February 24th 2017

‘Three Times Rebels’, stage design for dance piece by Marina Mascarell, Korzo Theater / Dance Forum Taipei, 2017-2018

Antrikperformance for Yamila Ríos’s music video, 2017

Polytope research with Sonolab duo (Vitaly Medvedev and Mei-Yi Lee) and Fazle Shairmahomed. First performance at No Patent Pending #17 on December 2015

Atlas, Sheep Herder of the Skyperformed with Mei-yi Lee and Matteo Marangoni at Sphæræ (inflatable multi-dome pavilion by Cocky Eek) at EAP-Lab – The Hague, July 5th 2015

Costume design for dance pieces by Rutkay Özpinar, Korzo Theater productions:
• Şeytan tüyü (Here We Live and Now, November 2015)
• Grip (May, 2015)
• As if you weren’t (November, 2014)

K24, Room for Sensory Cleansing, with Mike Rijnierse, site specific for Modern Body Festival, November 2014

Artistic residence -The Conscious Body II – Cognitive neuroscientists and dance makers share perspectives on conscious perception and empathy.  Workshop led by choreographer Robyn Orlin and neuroscientist Natalie Sebanz. Organized by Asaf Bachrach/Labodanse and hosted by La Briqueterie, Paris (France, 30/9-5/10 2013).

Participants/artists/scientists: Ella Ben Aharon (Israel), Anne Bogard (France), Faye Driscoll (USA), Gabriel Greca (Argentina), Jurij Konjar (Slovenia), Ananda Montange (France), Alexandre Münz (France), Peter Pleyer (Germany), Ludmila Rodrigues (Brazil / Netherlands), Daniel Zea (Composer, Colombia/Switzerland), Fabrizio de Vico Fallani (France / Italy), Julie Grèzes (France), Arnaud Halloy (Belgium), Ivana Konvalinka (Hungary / Denmark), Giovanni Pezzulo (Italy), Nicola Rebeschini (France / Italy), Gabriele Sofia (Italy / France), Berangere Thirioux (France), José Luis Ulloa Fulgeri (Chile / France), Camila Valenzuela Moguillansky (Chile / France).

Volta 2013 – the reenactment of Dick Raaijmakers‘ 1995 piece ‘Volta‘ (homage to Alessandro Volta, who for the first time in history, tried to construct an electric battery later to be called the ‘voltaic pile’) by Artscience Interfaculty / Michiel Pijpe. 
Ludmila Rodrigues joined the edition in Paradiso, Amsterdam, March 2013

The Unreality of Time – Set design for a dance piece by Marina Mascarell (photo by Robert Benschop), Korzo Theater/Dance Forum Taipei, January-February 2013.

The stage is covered by 110 kilos of green lentils, which were manipulated by the dancers in order to create storms, landscapes and other obstacles within the theme of time.

– I worked with Marina since august 2012, exploring the properties of the lentils and designing the tools for the dancers to manipulate them. Lentils seem familiar and ordinary, and yet they move in their own ways, behaving like they’re trying to escape and occupy all spaces. – Ludmila

Performances with Hadas Hinkis 2010/2011.

Performances for Cocky Eek:
“Air hostess” at Seppe Airport, The Netherlands, June 2011;
“Hostess” of Striped, inflatable blob by Eek (Kunst in Zicht festival). Performed with Wen Chin Fu, in Marken island, Netherlands, June 2010