First scenography and first collaboration with Marina Mascarell.
100kg of lentils morphing into different tactile landscapes by the dancers’ motion.
Korzo Theater + Dance Forum Taipei

Premiere: January 30, 2013
Choreography: Marina Mascarell
Music: Chris Lancaster
Performers: James O’Hara, Laia Durán, Sandra Marín, Yu-Fen Huang, Kuan-Yi Su
Costumes: Carolina Mancuso
Set: Ludmila Rodrigues
Light: Sandra Navarro
Choreographic Assistant: Sandra Navarro
Apprentice: Mallory Lynn
Video: Josanne Buiting
Editing: Mallory Lynn
Co-production Korzo Theater and Dance Forum Taipei supported by the Gemeente Den Haag, Ministerie van OCW, Culture Ministry Taiwan
With thanks to: Instituto Cervantes Utrecht, Fire Dragon Den Haag

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August 22, 2013