Ludmila is an artist, scenographer and sometimes performer, operating in the intersection between sensory experience, architecture and social interaction. She investigates affect, embodied and visceral experience through the somatic sense, creating interventions, living sculptures and devices to influence, interfere and engage with the body of the audience. Ludmila uses playful strategies to trigger physical awareness in a synergy of the senses, blurring the notions of agency, pleasure and control. Her works unfold a corporeal dialogue with the public, where everyone becomes an actor.

Ludmila has a background in architecture, dance and kung fu. She’s based in The Hague since 2009, presenting works at TodaysArt Festival (The Hague, 2013), FILE (São Paulo, 2018), Space Media Festival (Taipei, 2016), Cinekid (Amsterdam, 2016), PlayfulArts (Den Bosch, 2016), Modern Body Festival (The Hague, 2014, 2016), MARRES (Maastricht, 2014), Rijksmuseum (The Deepest Sense Symposium, Amsterdam, 2014), Schema Art Museum (Cheongju, South Korea, 2016), La Briqueterie (‘The Conscious Body II’, Paris, 2013), Korzo Theater and Stroom Den Haag (The Hague, 2012).

She runs a studio at Quartair Contemporary Art Initiatives, along with partner Mike Rijnierse, and works as freelance set/graphic designer. Ludmila often lecturers or coaches young artists at art academies. She also organizes workshops relating space, design and sensory experience.

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instagram: @thebodyoftheaudience