This brief journey around the construction and erosion
of knowledge, meditates on human practices with a multifaceted perspective. Exploring the broad implications of our ways of knowing, revisiting scientific tools and artistic manifestations around the notion of the Earth as a system, this journey searches for the idea of resilience. Suggestion, contradiction and ambiguity permeates this work, through the laser cutting of a series of existing books.

The work was developed during an artistic residence at Wageningen University and Research, through August-October 2018, in the occasion of the Creative Innovation program celebrating 100 years of Science at Wageningen.

The research departed from the idea of sensing Earth’s motion, namely earthquakes, and developing a way of learning, resilience. The artistic residence included the participation on the Earth Futures symposium on October 19th, at WUR.

Special thanks to Francisco Presas Basalo, Mareva Meulemans, Louis Clarke, to all scientists that I have met at WUR, Fernanda Ayaviri Matuk, Maarten Smulders, Gerlinde de Deyn, Esther Turnhout, Aarti Gupta and to Marcel van Dijk from the FabLab Wag.

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December 4, 2018