Gravity accelerates our fall.

Living sculpture and immersive installation. Presented in the occasion of the Master in Fine Arts, master project “Rise and Fall”, accompanied by three books: “The Act of Falling”, “Bipedal Dreams” and “Rise and Fall – The Rocket as Archetype”. Hasselt, June 2018.

“While existential mobility in the horizontal is dominated by a relative symmetry of outward and return journeys, vertical mobility is often characterized by an asymmetry when the descent is not simply a mirror of the ascent, but rather a fall, tragic verticality”.
– Peter Sloterdijk

Performed by: Astrid Waterinckx, Rosalie van Wambeke, Pablo Alfaro, Michalina Kurek, Maxim Renard, Karolina Pajak, Julia Scaringi, Giovanna Sarnelli, Candela Freire, Hester Vanlangenaeker, Judit Szalipszki and Kriston Levente.

Nominated for the Wanatoeprijs, Limburg, 2018

Many thanks to all performers, Robin Castelijns, Peter de Cupere and Mike Rijnierse.

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June 15, 2018