The Body of The Audience was written in 2013 during the graduation at the ArtScience Interfaculty, KABK-Koncon, The Hague. In this work Ludmila Rodrigues draws attention to the conditions and processes lived by the public when in contact with an artwork or performance. She takes a holistic approach, dealing with the sensual, psychological and social aspects involved in the artistic experience.

The thesis questions how traditional exhibition spaces established a mode of appreciation based mostly on intellectual presentation of art which doesn’t necessarily provide a direct experience. Whereas the public is conditioned to a certain submission, kept in a safe distance – which ultimately may cause the loss of engagement and of meaning. The role of the senses is as well emphasized as an essential process, which the audience should become aware of. In 2015 the thesis was published by Lambert Academic Publishing (ISBN-10: 365978737X). View PDF here.

December 4, 2013